Thursday, 9 September 2010


So I'm going to see Muse this Saturday and I should be excited. However I'm not. It's a gift for my sister's birthday in July. I've been expected to organise everything. I've just paid £100 for train tickets and it's stressing me out. It's my last weekend before I go to uni but I can't moan at my parents because I can predict their reaction and I can't moan at my sister because it's her bloody birthday present so I'm just moaning on here at the internet.


Plus I've started packing for uni but I need to go out with my rents however since this is the last weekend I can't so I'm super pissed about that cause I don't want to be worrying about uni. Also I don't have enough boxes to pack stuff and I'm not in the mood to shove everything into carrier bags.

Rant over... for the moment

Oh yeah and I'm stressing about money because I want to buy some new clothes for uni however, I have all my savings from work that I can't spend because I need them for my medicine degree. Bloody hell I need a drink.