Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Barts FTW!!!!

I went to an open day at Barts today and I am officially in love with Queens Mary uni. I got a tour of both Mile end and Whitechapel. I loved every minute.

I wish I had got some photos because at Whitechapel they have this amazing converted church. The church has be converted into an impressive library for med and dentistry. Even the glass windows had been altered with medicine related pictures.

I think the mile end campus is so impressive because the way it's self contained but at the same time so close to central London.

This has been for a while and will definitely be my first choice!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Sainsbury's continues....

We'll I've left from blogging about the situation because I wanted to see what work did but the drama has finally ended. I handed in my notice 4 weeks ago (yes I know rediculous) and am now officially a student bum!!!

Today was my last day and I have to say probebly the most enjoyable. I did not work, had the best time with my colleagues who are now actually friends and discovered that real life is a bitch. I suppose I had a slightly naive notion that my company would care for me and try to stop me from leaving.

But I am now jobless but ready to focus on my exams. TBH while I bitch and moan about that place, I'll probably end up back there in 3 months. I just love the people there!!!!

Friday, 4 April 2008


Every year I say I won't leave my coursework till the day before yet I'm here at 4am while I type away at biology. I am going to be knackered tomorrow, but I don't care cause it will be done and Easter will start!!!!

Edit: Finished my coursework at about 4:30 and handed it in today. woot! Going to work and then going to get an early night