Monday, 17 September 2007

College and other things...

Well I've been at college for a good two weeks. I haven't covered it in much detail but choice of college has plagued me for months. I had the option of a high ranking college in the top 10 of the country or a college that is full of chavs, my friends and had a recent build. Logic suggests the first choice however with 4 weeks to the start of term, I applied to my local "crappy" college and with my great results got accepted the same day.

I'm now enjoy chemistry, biology, maths and law with my mates. I have got everything sorted and am glad of my choice because several friends at the "other" college are exhausted from extremely long days. My college isn't the best but I chose friends over standards, something I won't do for university (I promise).

My courses are going well while my mind constantly looking at the medical world to see the state of the health care after the MTAS disaster. It seems to died from national news with only the occasional mention of how "doctors are incompetent" or whatever (I don't read the daily mail anymore ;))

Thanks again to people who dropped by to say congrats on my results.

I would also like to take the chance to show people a blog that I feel will continue to be a enticing read. Harry's Unprotected Text records his journey through med school admissions and into Barts. I would recommend people keeping an eye as this blog will most likely record the current state of medical education from start to finish (BTW Congrats on your first day Harry).

Bit of a random blog with a range of topics. To finish it off, currently listening to the Fratellis' album Costello!

Grammer and Spelling poor, may correct later.