Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Too long

This month has been hetic. I've been pilling on the revision ready for January and I've just had some much to do. I promise I'll write a real post soon but right now I've got my UKCAT tomorrow. Revising for that but main thing on my mind is that I've bought a TC1100. It should revive tomorrow (can't distract me till UKCAT is over) and then I can play.

For those who don't know, the TC1100 is a hybrid (I see it as a slate) tablet pc. I am unbelievably, over-the-top, head-over-heels, crazy about tablet pcs. I love the idea of keeping all my notes in one place, scanning in my textbooks and working so productivly. I love it so much I'm suprised I've yet to mention it on my blog. I'll keep you updated if anyone interested. But just before I go, here's a picture of my (to-be) new tablet just to tease you...


P.S. If anyone uses a tablet for studying at college/uni or just in general then give me a shout through comments or email (supermarketcashier at googlemail dot com).

Thursday, 4 September 2008


Sorry it's been a while, I've been on holiday for the past week and just settled into college (first day back). Wanted to just say thanks to people who have left comments on previous posts and would like to take them up on their offer, either leave a comment or email me at:

supermarketcashier at googlemail.com

Thanks, proper posts coming