Thursday, 30 October 2008


I share your pain, Xavier!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Big 18

Eighteen soon and can not wait! To be exact, I'm Eighteen on Halloween. I've loved this holiday for obvious reason with this one being no exception.

I'm currently planning to go out for a family meal with friends I've known for years on Friday Not before seeing the new James Bond film!

Then Saturday, I'm heading to town to have an amazing time with my friends. Finally able to pull out ID when they challenge me.

Then it's back to work so I can get those As. I've feel I've been making much better progress this year.

But I suppose my biggest news is I passed my driving test. It only took me 3 attempts, but I passed with only 4 minors! Too bad I'm broke with no money for a car. Especially with my gap year to pay for.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

So much so fast...

It's been a while since I've posted but I've got so much to write about. So watch out, this is along one. For you (and me) I've got a brief summary so this is a bit organised. What's happened since last time we talked then?
  • Arguing with college
  • UCAS form
  • Work load
  • Job search
  • Learning Spanish
Well my ukcat is done, the points are in and results calculated. Ended up getting a 640 average which isn't great compared to the millions of people on TSR. It should be okay but I was hoping for more, considering my AS grades. I also discovered shit loads of people at my college are applying for medicine. This is actually an advantage cause I've been able to find out about loads of resources and which teachers to avoid (more later) for med advice. Quite a few none-med friends have been really supportive but don't really realise the work I have to further commit.

Now because of my infamous AS grades, the people who deal with oxbridge/med/vet have been a pain in the arse. The headwoman, a physic teacher, and my personal tutor, a maths teacher, have tried to "pursuable" me to choose a different course/career. They actually reduced me to tears one day but I would never give them the pleasure of knowing that they got to me. They critised my AS grades repeatedly. However when I explained my volunteering, work experience, job, £75 entry exam (not cheap for a student) and other med commitment they realised how committed I was. They continued to push other subjects which only further drove me to medicine. They even wanted me to sign a disclaimer saying they had warned me there was no chance of getting an offer from medicine. I kind a saw their point of view but I don't see grades to be the end all. With some admission offices mentioning the "smallest possibility" of offers, the worst that happens is I lose £17 and continue with my gap year plans (more later). So naturally after the disclaimer issue, I got my parents involved. They were amazing backing me 120%! They threatened to go to the LEA, UCAS and local press. My college soon changed their tune and while not supportive, they became more cooperative. To be fair, the head women wrote a great bit in my reference for my principle. After all this fuss about not being able to back me academically and to not lie about me in my application, she wrote a great bit about my dedication to medicine and my continual clinical exposure etc. It sounded great with my other tutors writing truly amazing stuff. I was especially surprised how warming my Law reference was. Even my personal tutor described my AS grade as not reflecting my true ability. It's amazing what a little nudge can do.

Well that dreaded personal statement. I spent a month on mine, and it still didn't seem right. I was working on it till Wednesday night, just gone. I feel it's perfect now and truly reflects my drive for medicine. When this year's applications close I may even post it here (proud snipits). of course, surprise surprise, my college had something to say on my PS. TBH they loved it (not cocky swear). This caught me off guard but they still wanted a paragraph changing. They felt it was too bold and cocky because I told the med schools to set me a conditional offer of AAAA. I did eventually remove this but I kept the strength and arguments behind the point. I loved it and just hope it does me justice.

I suppose you want to know where I applied to. well in order of favourites: Barts,Leeds, Leicester and Pennisular. I also applied for a paramedic course at St Georges in London. All these choices are for deferred entry. I currently plan to go to Latin America for my gap year. It gives me the opportunity to spend a year without exams while learning Spanish and volunteering in a foreign health care system. I love the idea, and this way rather than get no offers and chucked into the abyss, I've got a planned year of fun and adventure.

Naturally at A2 my workload has double plus 6 retake exams for AS. I need to get As in every exam to be able to get 4 As at A2. This is my goal that I will achieve. I currently have exam papers for every exam I'm taking on my tablet pc. So I can literally ink on virtual paper. If it's wrong rub it out. If it's right, reuse the paper and write the perfect answer again. I've yet to establish a proper routine or timetable; something I'm fixing tomorrow. I am however using "free time" at college more effectively. It's no longer free time but just extentions of classes. Without putting to much pressure on myself, I cannot fail. There is no chance to repeat.

I was searching for a job since late July. However I've given up since September. I just can't find a job that only needs 8 hours or less a week. Even this seems like too much. I've managed to get by but it's been difficult. I've kept a look out but who knows. It just annoys me when I apply for jobs e.g. Woolworth. When I went for an interview, they obviously hadn't read their own application form. They offered me Christmas temp jobs at minimum 14 hours. When I pointed out my maximum hours, they realised it wasn't going to work. DUH!

With this year flying by (20% of my academic course is already done) I've begun initial plans for my gap year. I hopefully want to travel round South America. I won't write much more but I've decided to learn Spanish using the Michel Thomas programme and also the Pimsleur audio CDs for my pronunciation. From there I'll develop my vocab by using a range of texts and other mediums. Hopefully I'll have a good grasp of the language in 4-6 months.

So there you have it. My life in the past month and a bit. It's felt quite good to blog again. I'll make this a regular thing and I'll add a side feature to let you guys keep up to date on my UCAS status. Doubt I'll get offers this year though for med but fingers crossed.