Friday, 30 January 2009


Rejection. Bad Times.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

It's all over..

Well exams anyway. Had my last today. Central Concepts for A2 Biology. To be honest, went bloody awful but oh well. Have to wait and see. Apart from that, this January has gone pretty well with exams. I feel quite confident about my results *touch wood* but have to wait till January to find out.

Now gotta start the whole cycle again. Feeling better prepared and already planning for the rest of this year. Got Bio coursework that is about to start and some pretty fun Chem if the textbook is anything to go by.

The biggest news I suppose is I got feedback from Leicester about my rejection. It was brilliant news if that doesn't sound strange because it confirmed everything I hoped for.

Leicester have a method in which they score your application out of 20. I got 5/5 for my personal statement, 4/5 for my reference, 3/5 for my UKCAT and 1/5 for my academics. I need to get 16/20 to be called for interview. I managed to get 13/20 only 3 off. It was purely my grades that dragged me down which really does make me happy. This is something that I can fix and sort for the Summer. It means that next year I can safely apply to Leicester with good grades and hopefully get an interview. Woo!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Being drunk isn't all good

Well exams are almost over. To partially celebrate I got very very drunk at an 18th birthday on Friday. Apparently I made it very obviously I liked my best mate's girlfriend to his face. Of course I was oblivious to him knowing when I went to the pub yesterday. Cue awkwardness when I find out what I've done from fellow party goers. Thankfully we sorted it all out today and I've confirmed my love for my best mate once more!

On uni news, nothing. Nelch. Zero. Nada. That's right, not a word. Fellow pre-meds at college also haven't heard anything and keep telling me it's okay. Apparently you get rejected straight away.
They've got straight As though at AS so doesn't really help.

That's my little post for the day. Once Central Concepts is out the way I'll be posting more about my gap year and any uni news.

Thursday, 15 January 2009


Been a hetic month so far. Already done 6 exams and got 4 to go. So far they've gone really well except for C3 this morning. Won't say anymore but you get the idea. I feel I've become so motivated over the last month and bit. I've been revising every night and day, doing my best to ace these exams.

I've begun looking into AEAs (Advanced Extention Awards) as another way to make myself more attractive if/when I have to apply a second time to medical schools. If any of my (limited) reader base has any experience with these feel free to drop a comment so I can bug you with questions :D

I feel that this year I have defiently changed. I've got this whole new focus towards learning and I am already planning my work schedule for this year. It may be sad but I love it. I'm so excited about leaving college with As knowing that I earnt the bastards!