Friday, 25 March 2011

Where did the time go? Almost end of the year!

I feel like every blog I start is apologising for not posting enough. I twitter a lot at the moment but blogging usually takes more. Or should take more if I planned it.

I've just finished Week 11 of Semester B of my first year of university. I have one week of official teaching then exam season starts :(

Can anyone say panic? First of all, I don't want to leave 1st year. Being a fresher is brilliant. Being a second year sounds like hard work. Secondly exams. I haven't done any exams for coming up to two years. Not worrying at all. Should be studying but instead I'm finding excuses in London not too.

Today has been interesting. I've had an interview for Drapers (S.U. Bar) and hopefully it was good. I felt it went crap but then I felt that about Sainsbury's and definitely Jobcentre. I had to draw an amazing bar person, then talk about glow in the dark paint for 30 seconds followed by a one on one interview. Odd to say the least. I really hope I get it though. It's on campus, wage is good and I'll be guaranteed a job for two years :D

Housing hunting. I've been looking online a lot but nothing seems to be available yet, apparently I shouldn't be looking till June/July. Plus I'm possibly living in a house that some third years are moving out of so that could make things nice and simple. Really hope so.

Course is good. Writing that, I sound like a postcard or an email to a distance relative. It is though. I'm enjoy the topics, maybe not the lectures but the topics for sure. Plus I seem to be holding my own so far. Exams will prove different I'm sure.

Medicine applications are also approaching. After exams, I'll have to look at booking my UKCAT and applying through QMUL. Should be an interesting experience which I'll blog about for future biomeds who are using this course as a slingshot to medicine.