Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I have just spent the last 24 hours talking to The Girl. If we're not texting we're on the phone for 6 hours straight. What the hell am I doing!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Last night...

I had such an amazing time yesterday. I got to see The Girl straight after college. Went back to her house and then to a neighbour and his girlfriend who have become amazing mates in the space of a month. The four of us watched scrubs until gone 2 in the morning. We sat on the sofa together, had great talks and came close to making out on several occasions :D

What stopped us? My best friend. I've never felt about a girl like this before. I've met her parents, I been in her room, I've text/facebook/msn everyday since I've met her. Just happens my best mate likes her as well and they've slept together. She says she doesn't feel for him like that anymore and that it's purely him liking her now. I just don't want to hurt him. When he falls for someone, he falls deep.

It's crazy and I hate it, but i'm seeing her tonight with my best mate. I don't plan to drink and repeat last Saturday's events in front of him however much I'd love to.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Good News

Been having a crap week cause of my best mate and the girl. Short story. Got drunk, made out with her and then called me mate at four in the morning to apologise. I then left some drunken answer phone messages. Fun Times.

What's cheered me up is that when I got home today, I found a nice big brown envelope. I know what you thinking, it is the same as me. It was from Leicester which I found rather odd. Turns out they liked my application so much that they have offered me a place on one of their Biological Sciences Degree. It was amazing. They still wanted to keep me even after rejecting me from medicine. They also talked about the opportunity to transfer at the end of my first year to the medical course if I was 'top of the class'. I've phoning them tomorrow to find out more but was wondering what anyone else knew or thought.

I'VE GOT AN OFFER! (Not med but still)