Monday, 30 January 2012

Why be a Doctor Over a Nurse? (Update)

Update: This is one of the most popular posts on my blog. I assume that it is mainly potential medicine applicants looking at it for ideas for their personal statement and blog. To help my knowledge and yours I thought I would update it with a better understanding.

  • Doctors gain trust very easy in comparison to other caring professions.
  • The combination of an mental challenging job with daily interaction with patients and staff is rare in other roles. While I'm not saying that a nurse's job is not challenging, there is only so much they can progress and even specialised they follow protocols. 
  • Teaching and research play a key role in the job. While nurses are involved in research, it is common for the doctor to take the lead and a nurse be involved in the practical execution. 
  • By studying medicine, you have the choice of being a GP, hospital, surgeon or a lab doctor. This level of variety is not afforded by a career in nursing. This initial training is very general so you can literally do anything. When a patient's management exceeds a specialty, they have this knowledge to rely on. This knowledge is also developed through clinical skills that must be tested by Royal College exams
  • Also doctors are financially rewarded for their work and with clear pay grades that can exceed higher than a nurse.

This is in no way a dig at nurse or any attempt to insult doctors. A question that rises in most interviews which I could be expected to answer one day is "Why do you want to be a doctor?" or "Why a doctor instead of a nurse?". This post will incorporate my feelings and career knowledge so I can answer that question myself. I know I want to be a doctor, but I want to be able to explain it fully and here's my chance.

Above are print screens taken from the NHS website describing the careers of the two areas. To me there is an immediate difference. Nursing is described as a more caring and supporting job, while Doctors are more scientific and diagnostic. Yet I know that many nurses can prescribe, create treatment plans and are independent. Both aim to cure the patient but have different means and procedures. Also Doctors are not just leaders, they are dependent on the team (Nurses and co.) for support and help. It is a group effort.

Many people would beg me not to say these in an interview (People on TSR :P) but I feel they are honest answers to the question. I would of course phrase them differently but money, status and job certainty (in the world not necessarily the UK) are also reasons for medicine. Anyone who is doing it purely to repay the world or help others is kidding themselves. I've done enough work experience and read enough blogs to know this is simply not true. People abuse and use the NHS. Not every patients will want to be saved. You may have a kind heart but unless you are completely dedicated to medicine other reasons must drive.

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In other news. I am very excited about my interview!!!!! Doing a lot of prep right now so hopefully it will pay off.

I have also purchased a brand new Apple Macbook Air :D
My laptop broke last week and I've been putting off getting a replacement. I've wanted one for ages. I finally took the plunge and bought one. It's so... SEXY

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Friday, 13 January 2012

FML Update

My Dad scanned across a copy of the letter (sent to my home address, god knows why?) and I've only been rejected from graduate course, not undergraduate. Fingers crossed. Ish.

Thursday, 12 January 2012


Rejected from Barts. Dull microbiology lecturers. This day has been shit.

Friday, 6 January 2012

I'm so famous...

Hope your New Year was just as good as mine. I'm full of Christmas food and chocolate, preparing for my return to the academic world. I will be writing a post based on many comments including Ms-Ellisa's about my alternative plans. However this post isn't about that. It's about an intriguing comment that I got on my last post.


...sort of.

I was recently featured in a Top 10 Medical Student Blog list run by Medical Artist. I came in eight. I'm delighted that I was even featured on the list at all. After all, while I study Biomedical Science, I wouldn't consider my self a medical student in that sense. I reserve that title for those studying medicine and the fact everyone else on the list is a true medical student makes me wonder if I'm in the wrong category. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to Medical Artist for their recognition and appreciate the potential for more readers BUT I would like anyone reading this blog to know that I am:
  • studying Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary, UoL;
  • applied to Medicine at college before Biomed;
  • currently applying to Medicine while studying Biomed
Hope that clears everything up. Also check out the list because I regularly read number one and have casually glanced at other sites featured.