Thursday, 16 December 2010


In a completely unrelated post, I'm having a very techy holiday and having been messing with Ubuntu on my laptop. Any suggestions for cool apps is appreciated!

I really want a mac, purely for Keynote though. Powerpoint is shit. I still hate Apple though even though I own an ipod, iPhone and love Steve Job's presenting skills.


I got an email in a lecture this morning as someone commented on a post I wrote three years ago :O It reminded me I hadn't blogged in a while although I have been hitting up TSR recently for kicks.

What I can not believe the most, is that it's been three months since I started university. I have managed to survive, make friends, reasonably pass my modules and have fun! It's gone by so quickly that I've been using facebook photos as a memory jog.

Yet as I approach the last few days of term, I've completed my first essay due for tomorrow (I love my course for the lack of essays). I have a French essay I am avoiding (I'm learning French if I forgot to mention) because I've missed two lessons in a row and will probably have to miss the lesson tonight due to Christmas dinner at uni for £4!!! I get a beer and everything.

While I feel I've done reasonable alright in the course so far (apparently I'm in the top 10 for Human Anatomy module. So BRAGGING ABOUT THIS) I definitely need to "pull my socks up" (borrowing this brilliant phrase from a course mate). The competitive streak that medicine seems to create is still there but I have suppressed it (Thank God). Some of the people on biomed are so insanely competitive and grade obsessive it makes me want to vom a little.

It really does make for 'cringeful' entertainment sometimes, especially when you get to mess with them i.e. "I've done hardly any revision for this mini-test" "Really, I've done about 30 hours so far but definitely not enough" :P

Christmas is coming as well. I've had my first Christmas dinner at uni on Tuesday with some course mates and then I'll be having another one this afternoon for £4 at the curve.

Regarding my blog, over Christmas holidays I'll do some updating. Need to change some links and while I love the theme I think a fresh one is appropriate. Plus I'll put a few posts about my medicine application that will be coming up next year.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Best lab ever...

Today has been brilliant. I've had a brilliant lab today, one I've been looking forward to since the beginning of the course. I'll hold you in suspense a little longer and just cover the last month or so.

I've settled in nicely to QMUL. It's an amazing university and I love the campus. I can not imagine going anywhere else now. I love my flatmates so much! They are perfect, we get on great. So great that we are already talking about living together next year. I'm so surprised. You hear all these horror stories and I go so lucky with them.

The course is great. It's not medicine and I still get ridiculously jealous every time I meet a medic but oh well. It is so good to be back in an academic environment. The Jobcentre was so stifling and there was no real room to grow. Here I feel like I can do anything. I've started learning French, I've joined a gym, I've been to a ridiculously amount of London clubs and even an Ice Bar for my birthday on Halloween. The Ice Bar was unbelievably impressive and to be surrounded by such a large group of friends I was very happy. Homesickness crossed my mind at one point but it was comforting to know that people actually like me here at uni!

But back to the original topic, today was my first Human Anatomy lab and, for lack of a better work, it was awesome! There was a cadavar, some cross sections, several skeletons and many bones. Human Anatomy has been the most interesting subject so far, and it has felt like the least work even though I've had to put in the most. Suprise mini-tests keep me on my toes and I gladly made myself learn all the key muscle insertions and origins.

I love the module and really enjoy the course. I love London and will definetly be posting more. Tomorrow won't be exciting though because I plan to skip. A whole module dedicated to AS Maths/Chemistry. I'll be alright thanks.

Thursday, 9 September 2010


So I'm going to see Muse this Saturday and I should be excited. However I'm not. It's a gift for my sister's birthday in July. I've been expected to organise everything. I've just paid £100 for train tickets and it's stressing me out. It's my last weekend before I go to uni but I can't moan at my parents because I can predict their reaction and I can't moan at my sister because it's her bloody birthday present so I'm just moaning on here at the internet.


Plus I've started packing for uni but I need to go out with my rents however since this is the last weekend I can't so I'm super pissed about that cause I don't want to be worrying about uni. Also I don't have enough boxes to pack stuff and I'm not in the mood to shove everything into carrier bags.

Rant over... for the moment

Oh yeah and I'm stressing about money because I want to buy some new clothes for uni however, I have all my savings from work that I can't spend because I need them for my medicine degree. Bloody hell I need a drink.

Thursday, 22 July 2010


I'm so excited right now, I won't write anymore except that I will be living in 27E in Beaumont Court at Queen Mary in September :D

Sunday, 6 June 2010


I got a notification over the weekend that someone had commented on my blog. A fellow pre-med had found my blog and was starting their journey. It reminded me that I haven't been blogging much and I really should be.

Not to brag, but I've just had a brilliant weekend :D Went to see my best mate in Bournemouth and attend their end of year Summer Ball. It was amazing, had a excellent time (Plan B was disappointing live though).

It was a nice opp to get to see what uni is life and how in the space of a year, my mate has made some great friends. It also reassured my own silent worries that I would lose my friends when they went to uni and I stayed behind. I've still got a tight group of friends and the fact I've had to work for that in the past year means they will probably be friends for life!

I'm currently surfing the web for a good tent for glasto. I'm a little annoyed because my mate has pulled out so I've got to find someone else to go with but glass half full and all that. I'll be back later with a shopping list for uni. Hopefully some of my new followers can help add to the list..

Friday, 23 April 2010


Not a long post but bloody hell it's expensive to live in London :P
Very very glad I'm on a gap year with a full time job is all I can say

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Flying by

After a slight prod from Grumpy Biomed :P I though I should update my current status. Been very busy with work at the moment. Only been there a few months and I've got to play manger already :D

My manger went of sick for a month and I stepped up (it was for the money really). Quite a few members of staff didn't take it well but hey it was alright in the end.

So anyway to the real reason you come to read my blog, I accepted an offer for uni about a week and a bit ago. I'm going to Queen Mary!!!!! I'm so genuinely excited about this. Haven't work out the costs yet really and my parents are slightly freaking.

So I'm going to be a biomedical scientist for the next three years in London. I kinda can't wait to get back the whole student life, I miss it slightly. I also miss the work a little bit. May fresh my brain on some basic biology at the beginning of September. Although I probably won't tbh. I'll try to update more when I know more. I'm waiting for my accommodation pack from QMUL!!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


This morning I was fine. I'd got another offer. I'd got into Queen Mary's again. Then this afternoon it hit me. If i do Biomedical Science, am I actually going to be able to do medicine. Can I get in? Will I be able to afford it? I don't mind the 3 years (well a little bit) but the money and getting in is a worry. I've going to phone Queen Mary's tomorrow and get their advice.
Are these valid concerns or am I just worrying for nothing?