Friday, 21 August 2009


This is gonna be brief cause I'm unbelievably busy at the moment.

Law - A
Chemistry - B
Biology - B
Maths - B

Slightly disappointed that I didn't get an A in chemistry but oh well! I've been offered a place at Queen Mary for Biomedical Science for this year but I still want a gap year. Before you say, I asked them and it's QM's policy not to defer clearing offers. Sucks but I'll just have to apply again in September.

I may retake some chem and bio modules for my own personal ego, not to be submitted with my UCAS application, but who knows. I'm quite excited about all this.

Plus I have a job!!!!! I've been working for my local DWP Job Centre for the past two weeks. I'll get about a grand a month and the people are great. I'll be saving for uni and gap year in no time at all :D