Thursday, 20 March 2008

Short post, I've passed my theory test. Had to travel up to Bristol on the train which was surprisingly easy and fun. Ultimately I got 47/50 on the theory and 60/75 on the hazard perception test. It rocked and I'm one step closer to getting my licence, although I don't need to rush because I have up to 2 years to take it!!!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Work is Shit

Had a crap day and need some advice.

I work for sainsbury's as you may have guessed. I have been having trouble with college work load for the past 2 months so 5 weeks ago I applied to drop Friday nights and take up an extra hour on Thursday. I currently work Thursday - 3hours - Friday - 3hours - Saturday - 9hours = 15 hours a week.

Personal are claiming that we are understaffed across the store on Fridays so I cannot drop it.

I am also one of about six people who are trained to work in the kiosk with the lottery machine. If I were to leave they would have no one to work on thursday nights, saturday lunch breaks and saturday afternoon.

What should I do? I love the job and my colleagues but can I force a contract change? If not shall I go above to the store manager or just leave (or threaten)?