Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Time's up 2008!

Too say the least, it's been a disappointing Christmas.

I won't deny it, Leicester was a blow. But it's the first of what will be four rejections. A book I order in August from Amazon also arrived today. It was Succeeding In Your Medical School Interview. That stung.

Also the revision is dragging. I'm finding it so hard to work but I've had the strength to ignore request to get drunk over the holidays from mates. It's been a bit lonely to say the least but I need to do this. I can't see any other way.

New Years is upon us. I've never been up for the New Year Resolutions idea but this year I did have some pretty obvious goals pinned to my wall. The main three goals are:
  1. Achieve AAAA at A2
  2. Get into a Medical School
  3. Get Tickets for a Coldplay Concert
#2 is already slipping away for this year but I'm glad to say #3 has been achieved. I bought tickets to see Coldplay at Wembley!!! Be bloody amazing!

Not the most joyful post but the idea was inspired by Harry and Ellisa.
Happy New Year to all!

Monday, 22 December 2008

First Rejection

So the first letter came today. It was Leicester. My dad bless him, actually woke me up and handed my the mail while I was still in bed. My dad is a big fan of Leicester you see. Took me there for the open day, loved the campus and it got his two thumbs up. Yet I forgot to explain to him the thin letter rule.

I know it is very unlikely, bordering on impossible to get an offer of medicine based on my AS grades this year but it still knocked me a little. Don't know why but it did. Crazy. I did love Leicester and it was bordering around my 2nd/3rd choice with Leeds. I don't know. I suppose they might take pity on my application, that my PS might really stand out. Fat Chance for Leicester.

Got the generic response though. "Appreciated your application", "large volume of students" and "your application have been passed to the biomedical department". It was nice of them to send a letter rather than let me know through UCAS so thanks Lecister.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Can't believe I didn't mention it before...

I realised I missed out the most importance news of the past month!!!! I didn't say anything my previous posts!!!

On Monday, I went to see COLDPLAY LIVE in Birmingham! It was bloody amazing and one of the goals I set to achieve this year. However as if that wasn't enough. On Friday tickets to see Coldplay at Wembley. WEMBLEY! Went on sale. Guess who was first in line for tickets?? Yours Truly, that's who!


It's amazing, and really helped boost me to get through the next few weeks.



Sorry it's been a while. Every time I promise I'll write more often only to post a month later apologising. I will try to post..... who am I kidding, see you in a month :P

Well the Big 18 has come and past. My week long celebrations were amazing. It's made me much closer to my best mate and I love how I can actually go out on a Saturday night, as I did last night. Don't worry, I'm not overdoing it. In fact I'm reigning it in cause I know the work that I need to do. These next few weeks are gonna be long as difficult as exams get closer. But that goal of getting a place at Med School is keeping me going.

I've yet to get any rejections. Good sign or bad, I'm not sure? Fingers crossed, although tbh I'm expecting complete rejections from all my med school choices. Just don't tell my HE advisor that, I could imagine the smug look on her face even now.

So how do I plan to get those As? Well when the crappy results day came, I worked out what I need to retake. It worked out that I need 2 retakes in each subject except law. I've 10 exams this Jan and while all my friends scream at the idea, I see it as a challenge to prove to the medical schools.

Not much else to say really. Christmas is coming but I'm not that festive at the moment, too much too think about. I know TSR is flooded with questions at the moment about the interviews and stuff like that, while I'm no where near as experienced as the people on their feel free to leave a comment or email me at supermarketcashier [at] googlemail [dot] com. Be happy to help or just listen to any pre-meds.