Thursday, 31 July 2008

Camping: Student Style

These past two weeks have been hectic, I've been doing loads of volunteering; ringing every Tom, Dick and Harry for a job; and to top it off I've had to cancel appointments with doctors over the weekend to go on a camping trip with some friends to Wales.

One of my mates' birthday was on Tuesday, and every year she likes to go camping in Wales at a certain campsite cause it's amazing apparently. So a few months ago I nodded my head, sounded interested and then never thought about it again. I've got work experience next week, two appointments to talk to docs over the weekend and a driving lesson and the dentist. Normally I would have refused based on no job = no money or just busy. But so many people have pulled out and I do feel bad because I kinda committed. Her mum has even payed for tent, minivan and all the food for the weekend. It's practically a free trip = student heaven.

Yet either way I lose and I have unfortuantely now committed myself to her birthday weekend (I didn't go last year so key factor) and I've managed to rearrange my meetings with docs. However I still feel like I've done the wrong thing and really need to sit down with my friends again and explain the stuff I'm going through.

I'm looking forward to all the partying and such that will happen, so I can't really complain. I just might take a few medical books and get some ukcat practice questions on my ipod just so I feel little it isn't a complete waste - medically speaking.

On another note, over the past week I've done all my laundry, ironing and cooking in what my parents call a preparation week for uni. Still got a year to go but they want me to have these skills nailed so that local takeways aren't the main outgoings from my student loans.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Summer Holidays...

It's been two weeks into the summer holidays and I'm already bored. I see my friends everyday but still bored. T4 was also on my beach today which was a laugh but still bored. I get home and I'm bored.

I've been watching a range of day time telly and I'm ashamed to say that I've become addicted to Gilmore Girls. I've been watching it at every opportunity and have watched nearly 3
seasons online already. It's sad but I've got nothing else to do so far.

However what I really love is the idea of Lukes. A nice little dinner where you can hang out and have a laugh with friends. There isn't a dinner/cafe in my town that suits me and my friends criteria. I'd love a coffee hangout but am yet to find one!!! I'm honestly considering building my own shop and getting it sponsored by my college and the student union.

I need that coffee place of my dreams either now or at uni!!!!!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Pre-med Tools

I'm about to make my application for Medicine and while I'm not in yet, I thought I'd give a list of the resources I currently use:
  • TSR - The Medicine section is full of current med students which are great to use. A quick post can settle a question in minutes.
  • Local NHS Trust Website - My local trust has a rather good site with contacts and info on work experience. I found this a great help when applying.
  • Local Library - Besides what some people think, I found pre-med books amazingly helpful when starting out. They can help set a base knowledge so you're not badgering forums with basic questions. But also once you've read the book, I doubt you'll need it again so pop down to your local libary and borrow the whole section. Or you'll end up with a shelf of books you need to sell on.
  • Med Students - These people are an amazing resource. They've been there, done that and got the stethoscope. Something I don't regret is that at all the open days I asked for their msn contacts. Some thought I was a little wierd, but the majority were fine and I've kept in contact with many to this day. Any questions about the social life or the real view of the med school are happily recieved.
  • Friends - My friends have been really supportive and I found that they've completely understood what I've had to do e.g. During exam period I completly geeked up, and it actually encouraged my friends to revise a little
Just my ideas and hope it helps

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Hot off the Press! Grand Rounds!!!

Grand Rounds is hosted by the wonderful Harry at Unprotected Text.

[Can you guess the theme?]

My Feeds

Decided to work a bit more on my blog. Set up feed burner, so should be up and running. My new link for feeds is There is a little RSS graphic on the left as well, so you shouldn't have any trouble Mum. Also I'll probably change my banner again. Not really liking it so Photoshop to the rescue.

Short post, but am planning on a blog about resources I've been using for Med Application so far.