Sunday, 21 February 2010

Flying by

After a slight prod from Grumpy Biomed :P I though I should update my current status. Been very busy with work at the moment. Only been there a few months and I've got to play manger already :D

My manger went of sick for a month and I stepped up (it was for the money really). Quite a few members of staff didn't take it well but hey it was alright in the end.

So anyway to the real reason you come to read my blog, I accepted an offer for uni about a week and a bit ago. I'm going to Queen Mary!!!!! I'm so genuinely excited about this. Haven't work out the costs yet really and my parents are slightly freaking.

So I'm going to be a biomedical scientist for the next three years in London. I kinda can't wait to get back the whole student life, I miss it slightly. I also miss the work a little bit. May fresh my brain on some basic biology at the beginning of September. Although I probably won't tbh. I'll try to update more when I know more. I'm waiting for my accommodation pack from QMUL!!