Sunday, 17 August 2008


I never thought I'd be the kind of person who get so upset over results. Maybe a bit glum or just annoyed but about 3 hours ago I just completely fell apart. IT took me four day but here it is, the overwhelming stress. I can't believe 4 letters can make me feel like this but I feel like I've ruined my chance. I've rescheduled my ukcat as I'm in no state, but I just feel so helpless. I just have to pull through some how


With just over 2 weeks left of the summer holidays and my AS results being less than amazing. I've been planning how to make a difference to my grades. Using a method I though to be extremely stupid at school, I've decided to set clear goals and how I'm going to achieve them.

Being that some of you have actually taken the time to follow my blog I thought I'd share it with you.

I want to get AAAA for my A2s. I also want to get into Med School. I refuse to let this dream go. I've thought of nothing for the past year and a half. I smile everytime I imagine myself at uni. This has to work, proving that bastard on the helpline wrong. But my favourite is I want to get tickets for a Coldplay concert. I regretted it when they kinda broke up and now that they're back and doing a world tour, I've got a second chance.

  • Prepare for lessons
  • Review class material from the start, don't wait till exams come around
  • Use the cornell note system
  • Keep my desk tidy for studying
  • Get resources like exam questions at the beginning of the year
  • Produce a study time table and stick to it
  • Use my free periods more productivitly, not just for subway
  • Maintain a calander linked with my study timetable so I can work in friends and other commitments
Med School
  • Some more Work experience: Gp, Hospital, Childcare and Nursing Homes
  • Stay on the student union
  • UKCAT 700+
  • Get back into hockey or just pick up a sport
  • Go to the gym
  • Book some more open days
  • Finish off my online sign language course
  • UCAS Form
  • Get a Job!!!

Aptitude Tests

Currently revising (if at all possible) for the UKCAT on Tuesday. I've managed to stumble across gold on TSR thanks to Lu-x. Although the wonderful skill of procrastination keeps rearing it's head. My room is spotless and I've taken every opportunity to dodge the revision (probably explains the Cs and Ds). Maybe I'll have more luck when the house empties in about 20 minutes..

Thursday, 14 August 2008

That Time of Year..

So A-Level Results Day came round today. The one time a year where students across the country are filled with nerves, excitement and possible disappointment. So cutting to the point my results are as followed:

Biology - D
Chemistry - D
Law - C
Maths - C

To sum up, crap results. When I found out I called the Radio 1 Helpline and the guy was "kind" enough to tell me that no university would give me an offer and that I should reconsider my career choices. A little extreme but the first part is true. Based on these, what university would give me an offer for medicine. They wouldn't expect me to jump from CCDD to AAAA, especially when they already have a massive supply of A grade AS students.

No matter what happens, I will get onto a medicine degree. It just happens it may take longer than expected.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

When A Good Night Out Goes Wrong

I'm filled with anger even as I write this. You see this evening I went to a Harvest Home in Weston. The main attraction being the live performance from the Wurzels. Cider being a Somerset drink, there was plenty in supply.

Lots of People + Small Space + Cider = Bad Times

It basically came down to my dad and his best mate being assaulted by these two 30 year old pricks!!! The worst part for me is that the red mist took over and I picked up a bottle, trying to smash in their heads. I feel so ashamed that I used that behaviour. I'm embarrassed to tell my family, and feel it's better to vent somewhere else.

I really hate cider.

Sorry how random this is, just need to vent before I sleep or I never will.