Friday, 31 July 2015

The End of Pre-Clinical Medicine

It's almost August and I still can't believe that I've finished five years of university. I came back from Glastonbury festival to discover that I had passed second year of medical school and I could not be more excited.

The past two years have been difficult because I've had a lot of personal struggles (that I won't bore you with) but I wouldn't change it for the world. I use to question throughout Biomed if this was all worth it. When I look back at what I've studied in the past two years, I feel like I've discovered more and more of who I am. Medicine, the degree, is everything I hoped and more.

I was pleasantly pleased with my results. I stuck to my timetabling pretty well and had a week before the exam for OSCE practise and emergency revision, which I've never managed before. I heavily focused on the MCQs section of the exam but ultimately, this was my worst performance. I think I understand why because I was just doing a question bank without really supplementing the learning, the question bank was also more aimed at 3rd years than 2nd years so it was slightly over shooting.

What I've taken away from this year is again the need to plan REALISTICALLY i.e. a module cannot be done in two days however must I use too hope. I'm also most productive in the morning and I need scheduling to get myself into the routine. I found that by scheduling my time I was significantly less stressed and had a more realistic view of my goals. My main goal was to pass comfortably and be in the 5th quartile or higher. At the moment I am comfortable being an academically "average" medical student.

On the flip side, I've struggled to balance extra-curricular activities. I once again took on too much and it meant that I gave a poor performance. I have subsequently dropped everything except a course rep. I want to focus on my health and exercise next year. It's really important that I find out how to develop an important work-life balance, engaging in exercise that is either individual (gym) or group (sports or running). Even yoga or meditation. Just something to provide a break outside of university. I also have a great group of friends from my previous degree, so I usually count them as my support network/getting drunk.

My next year (3rd year of MBBS) sees me start hospital placements full-time. I have three rotations:

  • Cardiorespiratory at Barts and Royal London Hospital
  • Metabolism 3A (Surgery and Vascular) at Whipps Cross
  • Metabolism 3B (Diabetes, Endocrine and Renal) at Homerton
I'm very excited to get out on the wards and start Clinical Medicine. But with it comes a lot of pitfalls. Being pimped by consultants or forever getting in the way. Plus learning where everything is. I will definitely start blogging more because there is only so much time I can moan about lectures.