Thursday, 16 December 2010


In a completely unrelated post, I'm having a very techy holiday and having been messing with Ubuntu on my laptop. Any suggestions for cool apps is appreciated!

I really want a mac, purely for Keynote though. Powerpoint is shit. I still hate Apple though even though I own an ipod, iPhone and love Steve Job's presenting skills.


I got an email in a lecture this morning as someone commented on a post I wrote three years ago :O It reminded me I hadn't blogged in a while although I have been hitting up TSR recently for kicks.

What I can not believe the most, is that it's been three months since I started university. I have managed to survive, make friends, reasonably pass my modules and have fun! It's gone by so quickly that I've been using facebook photos as a memory jog.

Yet as I approach the last few days of term, I've completed my first essay due for tomorrow (I love my course for the lack of essays). I have a French essay I am avoiding (I'm learning French if I forgot to mention) because I've missed two lessons in a row and will probably have to miss the lesson tonight due to Christmas dinner at uni for £4!!! I get a beer and everything.

While I feel I've done reasonable alright in the course so far (apparently I'm in the top 10 for Human Anatomy module. So BRAGGING ABOUT THIS) I definitely need to "pull my socks up" (borrowing this brilliant phrase from a course mate). The competitive streak that medicine seems to create is still there but I have suppressed it (Thank God). Some of the people on biomed are so insanely competitive and grade obsessive it makes me want to vom a little.

It really does make for 'cringeful' entertainment sometimes, especially when you get to mess with them i.e. "I've done hardly any revision for this mini-test" "Really, I've done about 30 hours so far but definitely not enough" :P

Christmas is coming as well. I've had my first Christmas dinner at uni on Tuesday with some course mates and then I'll be having another one this afternoon for £4 at the curve.

Regarding my blog, over Christmas holidays I'll do some updating. Need to change some links and while I love the theme I think a fresh one is appropriate. Plus I'll put a few posts about my medicine application that will be coming up next year.