Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Best lab ever...

Today has been brilliant. I've had a brilliant lab today, one I've been looking forward to since the beginning of the course. I'll hold you in suspense a little longer and just cover the last month or so.

I've settled in nicely to QMUL. It's an amazing university and I love the campus. I can not imagine going anywhere else now. I love my flatmates so much! They are perfect, we get on great. So great that we are already talking about living together next year. I'm so surprised. You hear all these horror stories and I go so lucky with them.

The course is great. It's not medicine and I still get ridiculously jealous every time I meet a medic but oh well. It is so good to be back in an academic environment. The Jobcentre was so stifling and there was no real room to grow. Here I feel like I can do anything. I've started learning French, I've joined a gym, I've been to a ridiculously amount of London clubs and even an Ice Bar for my birthday on Halloween. The Ice Bar was unbelievably impressive and to be surrounded by such a large group of friends I was very happy. Homesickness crossed my mind at one point but it was comforting to know that people actually like me here at uni!

But back to the original topic, today was my first Human Anatomy lab and, for lack of a better work, it was awesome! There was a cadavar, some cross sections, several skeletons and many bones. Human Anatomy has been the most interesting subject so far, and it has felt like the least work even though I've had to put in the most. Suprise mini-tests keep me on my toes and I gladly made myself learn all the key muscle insertions and origins.

I love the module and really enjoy the course. I love London and will definetly be posting more. Tomorrow won't be exciting though because I plan to skip. A whole module dedicated to AS Maths/Chemistry. I'll be alright thanks.