Friday, 29 May 2009

Student Finance Update

Basically. There are 10 people with my name on the system. 2 other people have the same birthday and their system cannot deal with it. So that meant I was forced to do the paper forms.

My parents earn over £50,000 a year so there is no point me putting down my financial information. I'd rather just do a non-means tested application. So I search the form for an hour, to tick a box or let them know some how that I'm dependant but will just take the 75%. Doesn't bloody exsist. I've phoned Student Finances three times and they're final answer, it doesn't exist. Just leave out 2 sections of the form and they'll get the message. Brilliant. I'll chuck a cover letter in when I send it off cause I know they are going to be bastards about this. Gonna be some fun times.

Yes I am very later for non-means tested deadline and 4 days over the deadline for means-tested application.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Revision Break

I'm pretty proud of myself. Been working very well the past week. Law and Mechanics seemed to go okay but can never judge with law or maths. Hope I get some As there *touch wood*

Um.. mainly been focussed on Foundation module for biology next monday morning. Awful module. Everytime I've take it I've never got higher that a D. I'm focussing on the textbook still, making sure I know the knowledge. Gonna look at past papers possibly tonight, probably tomorrow. Do some Maths tonight. Just have to finish a chapter on DNA transcription and I'm done.

Sorry it's nothing interesting. I'd give you some drama updates from my life but they are pretty sad and won't give those people the benefit of knowing they've even touched on my life.

Will start talking about plans soon. UKCAT. America. Medicine. Other Degrees (what the fuck do I do on results day for accommodation and funding?).

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Don't know how it is at uni but all my lessons are compulsory although if you miss a few, tutors rarely kick up a fuss. For the past two weeks I've been going to college less and less. I find that lessons don't suit my revision at all and that I get so much more done at home. I've only got this week left with two exams on Friday (Mechanics and English Legal System). Went in yesterday to see if any important notices but today didn't bother. Revised Law all day.

Now cause of this decision for the past two weeks I've got really weird reactions off of my classmates and tutors. Classmates assume I'm bunking off and want to know where I was and I why I didn't go. Tutors think I'm wasting my time by not coming even when I explain or physically show my revision. It just annoys me that because I revise better outside the classroom at the moment I should be judged and assumed to be slacking.