Thursday, 24 May 2012

Second Year Exams

So after fully recovering from appendicitis, I had less than a month till exams. I started off very worried but thanks to the motivation of an offer and to do better than 1st year, I am well on my way to getting that essential 2:1.

With four exams done, and four more to go, I am half way through and can't wait to be done. But in the weirdest way I am so glad that I am choose to do subjects that are examined. Many people claim to hate them and prefer coursework, but I love the thrill of opening an exam paper and knowing that you are going to destroy it!

That feeling happened today in my immunology exam. I have loved this subject since the module began and my notes were of such high quality that I was sharing them with class mates for revision (a first for everything I know). So when I opened the paper today, the MCQs were probably the biggest test. I sailed through the SAQs (at university and 33% of my paper was drawing pictures) and my essay was textbook. I feel like Pharmacology all over again (went very well thanks to question spotting).

I've had some housing drama today which has prevented me revising for my exam on Friday. I stress myself out about housing way too easily. But that's another story that I won't tell here.

Third year projects were also released today. I got my top choice. It's a science communication based project. It has zero lab time (yay!) and is all about writing (double yay!). As someone who has written for student media for two years, being asked to write two new scientist style articles doesn't worry me in the slightest. I'm aiming for a high first in this project and I think combined with PBL I should be able to do very well in my third year.

I wish I had more to write about medicine. In just over a years time I will be starting at Barts and the Royal London medical school. Till then, I'm a biomed who knows he should make use of his last year at Queen Mary (I know Barts is part of QM but when you join, you have to disown QM complete to be a BL medic)