Monday, 23 September 2013

My first week at Medical School

My first day at Barts as a real medic. I pre-booked an enrolment session because I had experienced QMUL's enrolment process before. After enrolment I headed over to Whitechapel for an introductory lecture and then the opportunity to meet my new Barts 'mum' and 'dad'. This is a brilliant scheme where two older students will take a fresher under their wing. I was unfortunately abandoned by my originally assigned parents, but was quickly adopted by two amazing third years. They took me under their wing and we headed off to Spoons. After several free drinks, we made a pit stop at someone's house for shots then headed over to the student union (The Griffin). More alcohol ensued. Good night. Bed.

Waking up with a slight hangover, I grabbed Sunday lunch with my housemates, which also turned out to be a hangout of one of my Barts parents. Freshers never stop so it wouldn't be Sunday without going out to The Griffin. Black and white are the colours of Barts, subsequently the night is called Black and White. Obviously you have to wear a certain colour.

It's finally Monday. After another night out, I get the morning to lay in. Except I went to central to meet a friend for a McDonald breakfast. She's been out of the country during summer, so it was the only chance we had. Naturally I was so nervous about the first real day, I could barely eat my delicious McBacon Roll. Come one o'clock we had a series of introductory lectures about how amazing Barts is.
Once our first day of lectures finished, I headed over to the union after grabbing food. I watched my Barts mum and dad partake in a sketch show. It was funny with lots of in-jokes that I will come to know and love. After that I had intended to head to Ministry of Sound, but I got roped into the Griffin Quiz. We ended up doing very well and winning a round of drinks for the team! All credit goes to my family member who knew all the Norse gods. After that, the Griffin kicked us out at 10:30 (outrageous I know) so we headed to a pub called Good Sams near the Royal London hospital. Stayed till the last tube, then headed back to Leyton with my new parents.

Another day of lectures. Although this one ended with a twist. This is a tradition at Barts and I won't go into much detail as I don't want to ruin it for future Bartians.

More lectures introducing us to the Prehospital Care Programme (helicopters and ambulances). Then the afternoon was filled with a tour of the Freshers Fayre before I headed out in the evening for a curry with a sports club. Barts Freshers Fayre was very different to my previous experience at QM. While smaller, it had a much better community feel and people were desperate to get you to join their club or society. I signed up for everything, mainly for the free stuff.

This was a light day in comparison to the rest. An hour and half in the morning on how to search for journals AKA netskills. As someone who holds a dissertation graded as a first, it was slightly dull.

Probably the best day so far in regards to lecture content. PBL process, something I'm familiar with at QM, was more clinically focussed and has a much more exciting method of execution. We then moved onto SSCs where I had to listen for an hour on how to make a poster. Again, the definition of a poster varies from the day-to-day use of the word. They are more like artistically displayed essays on size A1 paper. I don't think I've ever dealt with that size paper before. Performing Medicine was the my favourite lecture. It's run by a Drama Company who were established to teach medical students key skills such as public speaking and body language. The lecture was very engaging and ultimately very funny.
After a day of lectures, I grabbed some food then headed to the union for TOGA night. Another tradition at Barts (there are quite a few). I also found out on the way where my GP placement will be next Thursday. Things are moving quickly and getting clinical fast.

It's been an intense week. Little sleep and lots of contact time. But that's what has made this amazing! I've excited for the future and also a little apprehensive of the work load. Wish me luck.


  1. All seems so exciting!!!! Thrilled for you too, been absolutely awesome to keep up with your blog. Keep posting!

  2. you have a great, informative blog :)