Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Blogs I Visit Every Day

I don't post much and am a rare find in the mass of comments, but I feel that I should say something to the blogs that I read each day and find great for news on a medical career and it's journey. These are in no particular order:

Unprotected Text - I've read this blog since it started out as COABS. Something about this blog made me stick with it and I'm glad. Harry has always provided great posts and I do love his writing style. He's got a sense of humour that I think I get. A main bonus though is that he has applied and got into the very medschool I deeply considered applying too!! I look forward to reading more about his progress though barts. I hope I'll be there in less than two years time.

Panda Bear - He comes across as someone who is always ready to put forward their belief. Not in a bad way, but as a confident, won't take crap, kinda guy. He is so detailed and helpful in posts, with a strong commitment. His four part series on what it takes to be an emergency resident was great to read and I feel others, even not considering it as a career should have a look. Part 1,2,3 and 4. Although Panda Bear is an MD, I recommend UK people taking a look.

Little Medic - I feel privileged to have been allowed into the Real Little Medic. It's like a cool club for all the med student bloggers and me. I feel like I've got to know him and that he's been kind enough to share possible quite open and deep posts. However what really tips the iceberg for me is the ability to create names for many characters at med school.

Med School Hell - This is the second blog I ever read. It was so honest and more truthful than a media portrayal that I stayed up till 4 in the morning reading every blog from the beginning. That was a year and a bit ago, and I still light up with joy when a post is sent down from my feeds. Thanks Hoover.

Kevin, M.D - I don't know how Kevin has the time but I am very thankful. With up to 15 posts a day I can be finding new blogs every week, and better resourses for medical news. His time and effort is much appreciated so I thought I'd give him a mention on my world class blog ;)

Some may ask why I've done this. Is it because if I continue down this road they'll be my consultant bosses :P? Or is it because they put time and effort into writing detailed and descriptive blogs that should be praised for their work? There are other blogs I would like to praise but do not have the time or space. These are the ones that truely catch my eye and hope always will.


  1. Best of luck with it all, just concentrate on what's important and keep dreaming of the days :)

  2. Thanks Future, much appreciated. Adding your link to MSH.