Monday, 11 February 2008

Sunshine Radio

My Local MP supporting the radio!!!

Decided to join a new volunteer project a few weeks ago and looked for something different. I finally choose a project at my local hospital which evolves working on the in-house radio station (Sunshine Radio). Tonight was my first go, and I absolutely enjoyed it.

It was only for two hours but I got to talk to patients and get a few song requests, then head back to the studio and announce them over the radio. It was great and by the end of the evening I was having a real laugh. We played a few radio games and I got to meet the team.

I'm looking forward to next Monday now!!!


  1. You are so lucky...

    Being a radio dj is definitely my dream job... you know, the type of dream jobs that actually never make any money unless you have serious connections so you go into sth more "real" like medicine..?!?

    But where I study there aren't many oportunities of doing this kind of thing, even as a hobby.

  2. The next Chris Moyles? He started in hosital radio ;)

  3. ellisa, I definitely agree. I'd love to be on radio 1 but I wouldn't consider medicine as settling lol

    TLM - my parents are worried about the same thing