Friday, 15 February 2008

A Cashier's point of view

Inspired by a great day at work: If you want to annoy your cashier then:
  • Wait till 0'clock or half pass when change overs occur, and then pile two trolley loads onto the belt.
  • Watch me pack while you have no physically disabilitating illness with you arms folded and the occasional groan that I'm not doing it right.
  • Open food/drink IN FRONT of me and then explain that it was like that when you picked it up. I'm not an idiot so don't treat me like one.
  • When on fast track and I ask if you had any problem items, don't point or jester to your child. It's not funny and your not the first to say it.
  • Watch me open bags for you then refuse to admit defeat while you struggle with your own bag. I'm not going to do a dance in your face.
  • I am 17 not 7, so I'm more that aware of what a fake id looks like.
  • Naming members of staff does still not make you 18.
  • Don't scream help under a pile of men when you've just legged it with a crate of beer. You'll look an idiot.
  • Surprisingly I am considering a career in medicine. Don't look so shocked when I say this while handing out Sainsbury's leaflets.
  • Just because I work for Sainsbury's does not mean I will take shit, I am not will I ever be your personal slave. Respect can go both ways and make your day better/worse.
  • It's great that your kid wants to learn how to pay for things but when it's Saturday and I have a massive cue, count the cash out yourself.
  • Everyone wants a bargain, but when I price check, my supervisor checks the shelf and the main computer all say it's £14.99, you will not get it for a tenner!
  • Everyone loves reduced items, you can get the same pizza for £2 less. Unfortunately some like to buy nothing but reduced items. 15 digit codes that generally don't scan. More fun for me.
  • Complain on your phone about staff having conversations while serving you. Maintain a loud conversation as you pay, then try to pay with your Tesco's card. You can then laugh making some reference that you usually shop at the classier Tesco's .
  • Last but not least, buy as many clothes as possible refusing to put them on the belt encase they get dirty. Then expect me to fold them with the hangers still on and place them in a bag without ever touching the belt. Before you go, thank me and say you'll give them a wash when they get home anyway.
*Rant Over*

I do have nice customers, who do make my day. I also have amazing collaegues who've I've never laughed so much with. BTW, my local Sainsbury's banned from 4 pubs/restaurants for staff parties. We are a wild bunch!!!!


  1. I'm with you!

    For me the customers seldom gave me a bad time-- it was mid-level female managers who'd never go far.

    I went to my second grader's career week. On my day I sat between an accountant and a lawyer. The kids' eyes glazed over when they spoke. I put on my Wal~Mart vest and their eyes lit up, "Do you get free stuff?" I did math with them with my 10% discount. After 32 years of trying, I was finally cool with the elementary school set! ;)

  2. I love my discount and I think I've got many to apply just on that ground alone.

    I do get a mix though, sometimes it's a bitchy customer, sometimes it a bitchy supervisor. However the cool ones always make up for it.

    Congrats on the coolness and thanks for dropping by