Sunday, 10 February 2008

As application time draws ever nearer, I've been deciding on the four uni's I want to visit for open days. Unfortunately that list is not made yet and I have several choices.
  • Barts - I don't no why but I have been drawn to this med school for a long time. Maybe it's the admission forum? Maybe it's Harry from unprotected text? or maybe it's because their student union webste seems more inviting and entertaining than others I've come across. I know it's silly but I'm going to be spending possibly 6 years in the same place, so everything counts. I usually go with my gut
  • Cardiff - Simply because lack or low levels of PBL (use I know barts is lovin' it) and it's far enough away from home to be uni but close enough to pop back for weekends and money ;)
  • Leeds - Apparently it's good...
  • St. Georges - love London, want to go to uni there if I can...
  • Manchester - love the team, love the city, would like to love the uni
  • Peninsula - went to Exeter with Aim Higher, had a blast, loved everything about the uni and want to find out.
I'm swaying towards Barts, Cardiff, Leeds and Manchester but who knows.

I'm going to be paying more attention to blogs by people in the above uni's. Will be commenting more and sending email's so watch out.


  1. If you've got any questions about Manchester feel free to email me. Personally if I was applying again i'd avoid Manchester like the plague but if you email me i'll offer you a more balanced opinion I promise

  2. Likewise with Bart's!

    My advice is to choose carefully and not underestimate yourself. Distance from home can actually turn out to be more than you may realise at first. I wrote a post on my experiences back in July:

    Let us all know how it goes.

  3. Cheers, TLM and Harry. You two were actually at the front of my mind on people I would email.

  4. Manchester = RUN AWAY.

    I'm just sayin'