Saturday, 16 February 2008

Key Skills...more like Get Rick Quick

Decided that I just make a quick blog today.

I'm working on my key skills folder. For those who aren't aware I have to prove that I am capible of communication, basic maths and other skills demmed appropraite. Forgot the fact I got As and A*s in my GCSE Maths, English, IT and a B in AS Critical Thinking. However talking to my tutor (great girl/woman) I discovered that if I complete my key skills, college get £3000 for government. College is putting the pressure on and have already thrown people out and down graded them to part time for not completing key skills, so no rocking the boat this time.

Anyway, my presentation (communication) is on the Tooke Report. I'm sure most people won't have a clue what I'm on about but it interests me. My main ideas come from the ferret fancier's 7 part coverage. Thanks.

It's actually going nice and slick. Will drop some comments latter and read some books on med interviews.


  1. Key skills is a complete joke. I remember having to do it at college. Despite having an A* at GCSE and an A at AS-level in ICT they still wanted me to prove I had IT skills - I refused and they finally realised that if you were doing IT you probably didn't need to do that. What a load of bollocks.

  2. I couldn't agree more. Maybe I need to keep refusing, I've only turned up to one class so far.

  3. hello,

    glad to see I've inspired someone,

    good luck with your work!

  4. I don't suppose "key skills" encompasses being able to spell properly? ;)