Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Where I'm Going

September 2008 - Applied to Medical School while at college
Spring 2009 - Rejected from all four choices without interview.
Summer 2009 - Deferred back up choice (Biomedical Science at Queen Mary).

August 2009 - Took a gap year and worked for a government department.

September 2010 - Started Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London
September 2011 - Applied to Barts and The London Medical School a year early (benefit of my biomedical degree)
Spring 2012 - Interviewed at Barts and The London. See here.
Summer 2012 - Received deferred offer for five year medicine course at Barts, conditional on a 2:1.

Summer 2013 - Achieved 2:1 in Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary
September 2013 - Start medicine at Barts and The London Medical School.


  1. Hey dude

    Best of luck with your application, I too took the plunge and finally applied this year. Really hope it goes well for you. And how fondly I remember procrastinating instead of doing cardiac physiology two years ago :P

    All the best, update this thing more regularly, I was wondering if you were still around or not! I will say one thing though, all this waiting around is killing me with impatience!

  2. Hi,

    I love your blog, it's giving me a lot of inspiration right now during these dark application times. I do have a question:

    You say you applied in 2008 while at college? Do you mean high school? I thought schools only take your first undergrad degree into account so why was it based on your 2:1 later on?

    Thanks so much for the interview tips!

    1. Hey Anon,

      Glad it's been a help.

      Some clarification. College means high school or age 17-18. I applied from college to university and was rejected. I then took a different degree and applied through a special scheme in my second year to Barts Medical School.

      Does that help?

  3. Thanks for the clarification.

    I'm a Canadian student trying to get into UK med and man oh man Barts has a pretty high GPA cut off for Canada/US students. I really wanted this school, but don't think I can apply anymore. :(